Shockwave Therapy is a modern treatment option for musculoskeletal conditions. © United Physiotherapy Clinic 2011/ disclaimer   A shockwave is a sonic pulse that has certain physical characteristics. It is a high peak pressure wave with a short life cycle that can apply forces to biological tissues to stimulate healing. Shockwaves Dr Johnson McEvoy BSc, MSc, DPT MISCP, PT Ms Caitriona Foley BSc, MSc, MISCP Chartered Physiotherapists We have delivered over 5 Million shockwaves in over 2,500 treatments. Musculoskeletal Shockwave Therapy Shockwaves are employed to treat conditions such as: plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, achilles, patellar and shoulder tendinopathy, bursitis, stress fractures, periositis eg shin splints, non healing fractures, myofascial trigger points etc. Shockwaves in medicine Shockwave therapy may offer several advantages including: (1) Improved recovery (2) Speedier recovery (3) Cost effectiveness (4) Ease of delivery (5) Low side effects Advantages United Physiotherapy Clinic  (061) 33 99 91
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