FAQ Questions worth asking © United Physiotherapy Clinic 2011 / disclaimer What does treatment entail? You will undergo a physiotherapy assessment and if SWT is suitable a plan of treatment will be discussed with you and you will have a chance to have your questions answered. Assuming you are a candidate for treatment, treatment will usually consist of between 2 to 10 minutes of active treatment at parameters that will suit you and your condition. Treatment is usually between 3 to 6 treatments spread 1-2 weeks apart. Assuming you are a candidate, you will be scheduled for treatments typically 7-14 days apart. Procedure: Water based gel is applied to the target area and the shockwave head is applied over the area with a dose suitable for your condition. The tender area is localised with your feedback and moved around slowly or kept in situ over the target tissue for the stated dose. The treatment with the Shockmaster MP200 may be pain free to mildly uncomfortable. Treatment is always interactive and your feedback is monitored to ensure treatment is tolerated well at the same time. Previous types of shock wave devices were painful and at times a general or local anesthetic may have been required. This is NOT required with the radial shockwave Shockmaster MP200 and this makes it a perfect device for musculoskelatal physiotherapy practice.   Frequently Asked Questions 2: