shockmaster MP200 The Shockmaster MP200 is a high quality medical radial shockwave emitter device. © United Physiotherapy Clinic 2011 / disclaimer   We utilise the high quality Stortz Medical Shockmaster MP200. The MP200 is a pneumatic-mechanical radial shockwave device that can be use to target local tissue or employed with movement for larger area of soft tissues. Our MP200 was the first Stortz Medical device in Southern Ireland. Established in 1987, Stortz Medical is a Swiss member company of the Stortz Group. The objective pursued by their physicists and engineers is to continuously improve shock wave technology, to develop new system concepts and to identify new therapy indications in close co-operation with leading medical institutes. Shockmaster MP 200 Radial shockwave emitter head. Treatment to plantar Fasciitis. Shockmaster MP 200 Stortz Medical. The shockwave is emitted by pneumatic-mechanical  principles. A projectile (bullet) is powerfully pumped with compressed air and impacts a target emitter within the head of the gun. This propagates a shockwave that travels into the body to focus on the target biological tissue and stimulate healing. Shock frequency can vary from 1-21 Hz - Force pressure can vary from 1-5 bar   Shockwave